Wobbel, Unpainted

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Wobbel Original natural unpainted beechwood 
To paint or finish by yourself 
Introduction price € 89, - 

This Wobbel Original is unvarnished so you can paint and finish it to your liking. 
Let your creativity run wild and create your own unique Wobbel. 

Painting advise
We recommend choosing ecologic child-friendly water-based varnish for the finish. 
For the attachment of felt or cork it is important to use a good waterbased finish. Felt and cork don't stick to oils and hard wax oils. 

Oils and hardwax oils aren't suitable for toys because they may cause stains in clothing and on floors and furniture.

For the creative expression, which we have had good experiences with acrylic paint (thin layer), Posca paint pens (food safe when dry) and pyrography. Oil, Liquitex paint markers, spray paint and Ecoline (not colorfast) are less suitable. 

Dimensions Wobbel Original: ca. 90 x 30 centimeters
Weight Wobbel Original: ca. 4,5 kilogrammes
Age Wobbel Original: 0 tot 100 jaar
Use Weight: Up to 200 kilos


Felt or cork?
Add the option of cork or EKO felt to protect floors and Wobbel, and dampen sound.
If you don't want to finish the Wobbel any further and leave it as is, we can apply the felt or cork directly. 
If so, please choose your felt or cork than directly with the Wobbel. 

If you want to paint it yourself, we can't apply the felt or cork directly. Felt and cork application is a specialist job. For this we have felt or cork service. Fot this you follow one of the links below for the felt or cork service and place a second order.

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