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Seaside nursery dresser with 6 drawers

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The Seaside nursery dresser with 6 drawers beautifully combines function with storage. The 6 spacious drawers provide ample space for nursery essentials – keeping them at hand, so that you never have to turn away from your baby. The nursery top’s rounded edges and the generous amount of space makes for a comfortable changing environment – with room for movement and play as well as the important intimate contact between baby and parent.

Its timeless design, high quality craftsmanship and details like the porcelain pulls on the front of the drawers, make the Seaside nursery dresser an evergreen in the children’s room. The 6 solid and spacious drawers run effortlessly on high quality rails, and a special soft-close function dampens the closing of the drawers. The classic appearance makes the dresser easy to combine with furniture and objects of other styles.

The Seaside nursery dresser can be equipped with two additional pull-outs, which can be integrated underneath the top plate: One pull-out has small bars for hanging or placing things (10 clothes pegs included), while the other is designed as a holder for the included laundry bag (item number: 021330). The functional and well-considered solutions make the dresser a practical changing station, where the focus can be on the child.

Seaside nursery dresser is available with a nursery top with discretely rounded edges, which covers the entire surface of the dresser. When the nursery top is no longer needed, it is easily removed and leaves the dresser to its purpose for many years to come – high quality furniture is an investment for life.

Like all other items from Oliver Furniture, Seaside nursery dresser with 6 drawers is made in Europe and designed to meet the strict EU norms for safety and health. We use the best possible materials, and finished products are treated with only non-toxic interior lacquer and paint. Non-visible screws – a defining trait of Oliver furniture – emphasises the design and impeccable quality of our products.

021325 – Seaside nursery dresser with 6 drawers
Dimensions – W: 117 x D: 76,4 x H: 96,8 cm
021330 – 2 pull-outs and laundry bag
Dimensions – W: (2x) 43,8 x D: 39,8 x H: 2,2 cm
021820 – Laundry bag
Dimensions – W: 21,5 x D: 33 x H: 48 cm

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