Keinuhevonen Pink Flamingo

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Keinuhevonen: "Pink Flamingo"


Jupiduun keinuhevonen on katseenkestävä tyylikäs huonekalu mihin tahansa huoneeseen! Keinuhevosen on suunnitellut design studio F. A. Porsche Satsburgista.

Jokaisesta myydystä huonekalusta menee 5€ suoraan hyväntekeväisyyteen. 


  • leveys 30 cm
  • korkeus 30 cm
  • pituus 75cm


  • Pinkki
  • Vihreä
  • Sininen
  • Valkoinen
  • Kultainen

Tilaustuote, Jupiduu toimittaa tilauksesi noin 3 viikossa.

Toimitus vain Suomeen.




A real highlight for the nursery!

Climb on the horse and go on a wild ride! Whether they’re leaping on the saddle like a wild cowboy or simply taking a leisurely ride through enchanting landscapes, with the rocking horse from Jupiduu, your child’s blossoming imagination has no limits. The rocking motion helps develop your little darling’s motor skills and sense of balance in a playful and fun way.

And that’s not all, as the Jupiduu rocking horse has very special origins. It was designed by the renowned design studio F. A. Porsche for Lebenshilfe Salzburg, a facility which integrates disabled people into society and enables them to have a normal working life. As a proud partner of Lebenshilfe, we are able to produce this puristic-looking designer piece exclusively, and with every rocking horse sold, €5.00 goes directly to this wonderful institution.

The rocking horse is designed to be stable and topple-proof, while the embedded footboard and the handle ensure a secure grip during even the most turbulent of rides. The rocking horse looks right at home in stylishly decorated nurseries, but this little eye-catcher also cuts a fine figure in the living room. An exhilarating ride in the garden is also great fun in sunny and dry weather.

Just like the puristic design, the assembly is also intuitive. The required tool is included in the delivery. After just a few small steps, the fun can begin! The seat height of 30 cm is ideal for children aged between 1.5 and 4 years.

CAUTION: Please supervise your children while the rocking horse is in use, and only clean it using a slightly damp cloth.



  • widht 30 cm
  • height 30 cm
  • length 75 cm

Available colours:

  • Pink
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Golden

Delivery time approximately 3 weeks.

We deliver Jupiduu items from inside Finnland only.  


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